Motivating your child to read

Motivating your child to read can be a tough task, but one that is very rewarding. There are a number of reasons why children don’t like to read. They might think that reading is boring, not important and not too much fun. Here are a few tips to get your child into the reading habit;

Take your child on a library adventure- Take your child out on a trip to the library and show him/her how to locate books they might like. Ask them to select a few books that might interest them. Check if the library has a kids reading club and get your child enrolled. Reading with other children, would be a great way for a child to get motivated to read and make friends at the same time.

Read – Take sometime to read to your child. This could be at bed time, when everyone is relaxed. If you have small children buy a few books with colourful pictures with some text.

Discuss the book – If you’re reading a book to your child ask him/her what they thought about the story, how would they change it if they could. If your child is old enough, you could even ask him/ her to write their own story and ask them to read it to you.

Read more – Children learn best by example not advice. If they see you reading, they would be more likely to pick up a book and read beside you.