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Improving your child’s education outside the class room

Making learning fun and interactive is a great way to teach children to improve their awareness outside the classroom. Your child should be taught that learning is a lifelong process of questioning and discussion. Creating new learning environments for your child will expose your child to new experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom. Here are 5 easy learning techniques to foster your child’s learning and curiosity.

Explore the World

Build your child’s curiosity by travelling with your child. Whether it’s a short day trip or a weeklong stay, make sure you expose your child to different cultures, traditions, food and history. To make the most of your travel, plan ahead by researching a few sights that would interest your child.

Everyday Education

Include learning in everyday mundane tasks. For example include your child in making his or her own lunch or when watching a basket ball game, explain to your child how the game is played.

Take Every Opportunity to Answer “Why?”

Make sure everyday learning opportunities are not missed by always taking the time to answer your child questions. For example looking at the night sky can inspire your child to question about the universe.

Include religion

If religion is part of your family, get your child involved in religious classes, youth groups and camps. Children will learn about religious concepts as well as its context to history.

Visit your local Public Library

Your local public library will provide you with free collections of books, magazines and archives. Reading programs in libraries will encourage your child to read with other children all the while sharing knowledge and making new friends.