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Single sex versus co ed education

Article written by Benefits of education, a blog about education

Many parents think long and hard if they want to enrol their children into a single sex or a co educational school. Here are the pros and cons that should be considered before making a decision.

Pro single sex schooling

May lead to better academic results – Children learning in single sex schools have shown to achieve better academic results. This may be due to the fact that single sex schools have less distractions from the opposite sex. For example girls thrive in an atmosphere that is devoid from social fear and embarrassment.

Catering to gender learning styles – Each sex prefers to learn by using different styles. In a single sex school, teachers will be able to cater to one type of learning style. For example boys prefer a practical approach to learning, while girls prefer an interpersonal learning style.

Pro coeducational schooling

Social benefits – Coeducational schooling is more realistic and one that is similar to a child’s tertiary and workplace environment. This can help a child’s long term success, since it reflects the real world.

Individual education – Educators at coeducational schools have now been trained to provide individual learning. This mean that instead of concentrating on one method for each gender, they use different methods for each child.

The points above are important to consider before enrolling your child into a school. However, it is important to note, that a significant element in a child’s learning should be placed on the level of teacher quality.