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High Quality Traffic with High Quality Design

Online technology has come a long way since the advent of the Internet.  The plethora of websites floating in cyberspace has created an entirely new industry that aims to direct high quality traffic from one website to another.  Archaic models of online marketing through keyword stuffing and superfluous have been replaced with the need for quality content and strategic marketing.

As the cliché goes, “Content is King”.  Having great content on a website that is relevant its target industry will give that site a step above the competition.  Search engine robots are hungry for new material and having fresh content on a website will keep them coming back for more which in turn will bring up its page rank and increase the flow of traffic.  Being strategic in when new content is posted and where will take a website even further.  Knowing the quirks, habits, likes and dislikes of the audience and being able to take advantage of that marketing knowledge can further improve the standing of a website.

However, these tactics only focus on serving the insatiable search engine robots and does not address the human factor.  A website should also be easy to navigate and be aesthetically pleasing.  Robots may not care about the aesthetics of a website, but a potentially new customer visiting the site will.  There are a host of companies that hopped on the cyber train very early and created websites for their businesses hoping to benefit from the additional online traffic.  Perhaps in the antiquated days of the Internet these old websites were successful, but the game has changed drastically since then.  Some of these sites were created with old content management systems that did very little if anything for search engine optimization.  For these relics, a new facelift may be just the nudge it needs to compete for better traffic generation.

In the redesign process, the developers ought to consider new web standards and navigation structures.  Friendly and marketable URLs should be used on all pages.  Use optimization tools that keep a website from having duplicate titles, tags, and content.  For blogs, fix canonicalization issues.  Name and tag website images for even better optimization.  Another thing to consider that can be easily overlooked is to properly redirect URLs from the old website that had gained good traction in ranking to the new site.

These are just a few quick tips that can improve a website’s online presence.

Adults Going Back To College – Get Single Mother Scholarships

The story is all too common in neighborhoods and suburbs all across the country; parents wanting to go back to school but finding the funds and time just simply are not sufficient. Especially in situations where spouses are separated or divorced, being able to gather the money necessary to pay tuition costs in order to get a degree that will help earn a higher wage can seem like a perfect example of a ‘Catch-22’. Therefore, many businesses, companies, and non-profit organizations have established single mother scholarships specifically for those people who fit this profile. By providing the financial aid needed for going back to school for nursing, a master’s degree, or even a two year certificate, the options are plentiful and available for those who are willing to seek it out.

To be perfectly honest, the amount of jobs that can be enhanced or made better in terms of wages by going back to school lies in the 90-95 percent range. Just about any salary can change when one is more educated; something that high schools preach to young students that applies equally to adults as well! With adults going back to school, the social perception may be different, but the end game is the same; if not even better. By already having a job or having past experience in a field, being able to expand one’s resume with additional schooling can truly separate an application with real and tangible ambition and drive to succeed. So make a call to a community college or place of higher learning today and get on the path to success!