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4 Good study habits to help your child excel in school

Children in middle or high school will have a larger workload and many assignments during the year. To help your child stay ahead of the curve, here are some simple habits that will support your child rise to the challenge.

Get organized – With so many tests and assignments to keep track of, it can soon seem overwhelming for your child and yourself. Look at a quarterly planner that will help you and your child keep track of what needs to be completed by which date.

Know what is expected of your child – Most children will receive a course outline that will outline the how their test questions will be structured. If your syllabus guide is unclear, speak to a teacher or another parent who can clarify questions.

Designate a study area – A study area is a good idea as it will help your child concentrate and give them a quiet area to study and complete assignments. Look at creating a space that is well-lit and one that is comfortable for study. Look at removing all distractions like a TV or gaming console from this space.

Develop a study plan – A study plan will give your child a clear idea of what types of questions will be included in their tests. Avoid cramming for a test as this will only stress your child and sometimes cause to underperform.

Encouragement – Remember to encourage your child and tell them that they are going a good job when they score well.


How to Build Team Chemistry in Youth Soccer

Summary: Coaching a youth soccer team requires you to create a team-friendly environment where players will thrive and enjoy themselves.

If you’re coaching a youth soccer team, it should be pretty obvious to you that team chemistry plays a large role in optimal on-field performance. Just like in all types of sports, team play is the entire basis for both the offense and the defense. When teams “click”, they communicate and trust each other during games. They’ll also provide support when things start going downhill and also pick each other up when they need it.

Plan Outside Activities

If you give your players an opportunity to get to know each other and become friends outside of the soccer field, they can play better as a team. One of the best ways you can do this is to set up a team meal where everyone can come together and celebrate a victory or just to build cohesion with one another. You can also organize team outings at a fun establishment nearby. Or, you can even take it one step further and order some custom jerseys or gear from soccer manufacturers like Soccer Garage or even your local soccer shop. After all, you want them to be excited to play soccer, not think of it as a chore.

Emphasize Goals

Don’t forget that you’re the coach. You can’t just give your players some cheap soccer uniforms and expect them to play the game the right way. They look to you for advice, guidance, and support. Make sure that you prioritize team success over individual success. Recognize players that are making the team better as a whole. For instance, tell your players that are passing well and assisting others that they’re building blocks to success. Remember, soccer is a team sport, so all eyes shouldn’t be on those that only score goals.