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How can parents and teachers educate young children?

Children learn early and to help your child grasp learning concepts at a young age, here are some useful tips for both parents and teachers.

Ask (the right) questions – When asking a young child how their day was or how they managed a project, it is a good idea to be more specific. For example, you could ask your child what they did during their art class in school or who shared their lunch. As for teachers, it is a good idea to set some time aside to ask children what they liked most about a lesson and what other areas they would like to include in the next class.

Reinforce desirable behavior – Instead of using culturally specific learning behaviors it is best to teach themes and values that are broadly desirable in society. For example, concepts like sharing, helping others, saying sorry, thank you and please and working as a team are all desirable behavior in any society. As for teachers, it is important that early learners understand taking turns, being polite, and learning to use words instead of getting angry or violent with another classmate.

Avoid grading – Early learners will not benefit from grading at home as this creates a sense of competition which is not necessary for a home environment. In a classroom setting, avoid grading and look at fun ways of incorporating learning. The main goal should be creating a sense of confidence in the child and to help them understand general concepts.