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Engaging in Personal Development for a Better Career

Learning is a lifelong process and when engaged with passion and curiosity, it can effectively lead to personal as well as professional enhancement. The ability to engage in personal development is one of the most sought-after characteristics that employers look for in potential employees. This is about having the right attitude towards the company and…

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How to Write a Personal Statement for Your CV

An important aspect of an effective CV is about including a personal statement. This is sometimes also called a profile or career summary. This allows the recruiter to quickly identify strategic benefits that candidates would be able to add to their organization. The CV in itself is a self-marketing document which aims to persuade recruiters…

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How to Declutter a Resume In 3 Steps

When preparing for any job search, candidates would be dusting off their previous resume and adding their most recent job along with new skills and training. If the resume is not often uncluttered, it might end up looking like a list of outdated achievements and information. The steps below can be followed to effectively unclutter…

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Preparing to Secure a Job Before Graduation

As per a poll carried out by Accenture in 2013, only 39% of students of the classes of 2011 and 2012 had managed to secure a job by the time that they had graduated. For the year 2013, only 16% of students had job offers a month before they reached commencement. If you are about…

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Choosing a College Major

Even though college might be expensive, in most cases this would constitute of a wise lifetime investment in forging a high-earning career. There are several factors to consider before reaching to this crucial decision. Some college students who have not given much thought to their selected majors might later have found that they were not…

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Skills Every Student Should Learn

Educational debates across the U.S. and all around the world often focus on what students should learn in school. Educational technology specialists have for several years been touting about the need for students to acquire relevant 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and media literacy to effectively prepare themselves for the new digitally-focus…

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How A Work Experience Degree Can Help Get You A New Job


We have to face the facts, everyone wants a better job.  No matter what you do, unless you are the CEO of the most profitable company in the world such as Apple, you are probably striving to better yourself in some way.  The grass always seems greener on the other side and you always want…

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Pre-K Students Learn Better with Positive Interactions


Article by Phin Upham More and more studies are coming out on the importance of preschool, including a new study that focuses on the environment of the classroom and the teacher’s behavior. While learning the alphabet is very important for a 4-year-old, having a positive interaction in the classroom might be just as vital to…

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High Quality Traffic with High Quality Design

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Online technology has come a long way since the advent of the Internet.  The plethora of websites floating in cyberspace has created an entirely new industry that aims to direct high quality traffic from one website to another.  Archaic models of online marketing through keyword stuffing and superfluous have been replaced with the need for…

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Adults Going Back To College – Get Single Mother Scholarships


The story is all too common in neighborhoods and suburbs all across the country; parents wanting to go back to school but finding the funds and time just simply are not sufficient. Especially in situations where spouses are separated or divorced, being able to gather the money necessary to pay tuition costs in order to…

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