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3 Steps to finding an excellent tutor for your child

If your child is struggling to understand a new subject, getting help from a tutor may be a good idea. However, finding the right tutor is critical. Here are a few areas to consider before selecting a tutor for your child.

Know your goals – Analyze what level of help your child needs. You can use your child’s grades as an indication. You will also have to consider what your goals are for your child. For example, is it better scores in one subject, improving general skills, creating good study skills or motivating your child. You should also understand what your child’s learning style. For example, does your child like reading, listening, moving, touching to understand a subject better.

Know your options – Speak to your school counselor and ask them what options you have within the school to get your child extra help. Most often a school counselor will be able to give you a list of tutors registered with the school. Asking other parents or other teachers from other schools is also a good idea. Price is also a determining factor when choosing a tutor, so make sure you are clear on how much you are willing to spend.

Test your options – When you’ve found a suitable tutor, look at their skills carefully and ask them about their educational background. The tutor you choose should have experience in handling children of your child’s age. You can also look at asking your tutor for a paid trial where you and your child can establish if the tutor suits your requirements.


4 Good study habits to help your child excel in school

Children in middle or high school will have a larger workload and many assignments during the year. To help your child stay ahead of the curve, here are some simple habits that will support your child rise to the challenge.

Get organized – With so many tests and assignments to keep track of, it can soon seem overwhelming for your child and yourself. Look at a quarterly planner that will help you and your child keep track of what needs to be completed by which date.

Know what is expected of your child – Most children will receive a course outline that will outline the how their test questions will be structured. If your syllabus guide is unclear, speak to a teacher or another parent who can clarify questions.

Designate a study area – A study area is a good idea as it will help your child concentrate and give them a quiet area to study and complete assignments. Look at creating a space that is well-lit and one that is comfortable for study. Look at removing all distractions like a TV or gaming console from this space.

Develop a study plan – A study plan will give your child a clear idea of what types of questions will be included in their tests. Avoid cramming for a test as this will only stress your child and sometimes cause to underperform.

Encouragement – Remember to encourage your child and tell them that they are going a good job when they score well.