3 Ways You Can Raise a Child to Love STEM

There’s no doubt that a focus on STEM education is vital for the future of the United States. Apart from the conventional benefits offered by STEM education, being curious, innovative and utilizing critical thinking is important too.

Here’s 3 ways you can raise a child to love STEM:

1: Start them young

You have to find fun ways to inculcate STEM concepts into their lifestyle or daily routine. For example, you can prepare an activity that takes a STEM-based activity and use it as a theme for your child’s birthday party. One excellent example of this was getting children to find dinosaur bones at a party complete with their own paleontology kit and all. Simple chemistry experiments are wonderful too.

2: Make it a Family Affair

There are times when children have to work on scientific projects for school – let’s say, for a science fair. Spend time with your children brainstorming ideas for these projects without it being too expensive. Of course, ensure that he or she does all the work but be there to support them when they truly need it. In the end, winning a competition isn’t everything – they should have fun working on such projects as a result.

3: Work on Simple STEM Project For Fun

It doesn’t matter how silly the project might seem. Work on it with your children even if it won’t bring recognition, acclaim or prizes for the idea. Not will they learn something new such as soldering and mechanical skills, they will also be able to have a few laughs (given how silly the project might be!). Best part: they will also get a chance to give thought to how they can apply simple electronics in different ways.