What can I do if my child shows no interest in sports?

Lots of children may prefer certain activities than others. Some children will love to draw, free play or play music and have no interest in sports. However, it is a good idea to encourage your child to try new activities, and sport is a good place to start. Here are some tips on how to get your child interested in trying a sport.

A little nudge – A nudge in the right direction is sometimes all a child needs to try a new sport. Start off by playing the sport at home and then joining a school team.

Don’t push – If your child tries an activity for two or three sessions and still doesn’t like it, respect their wishes and move on to another sport. Avoid pushing your child into doing something they dislike, as this would mean they would be hesitant to try anything new in the future.

All kids are different – Children are all different, and some may take the time to get into sports. If your child doesn’t like a sport at five or six, encourage them to try something else like dance, ballet, gymnastics, swimming or skating. These activities will still get your child moving but are less team based.

Be prepared to switch activities – If your child is bored and disinterested, offer your child new options that they can try.

Always take the time to talk to your child – Speak to your child and let them tell you what they like or dislike about an activity.